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On March 10, 1952, Post 289 was the recipient of the Certificate of Distinguished Service and Honor Plate in recognition of the Post’s membership work for 1952. On April 10, 1951, Post 288 was the recipient of the Certificate of Meritorious Service for outstanding membership work. On November 20, 1952, Post 286 was the recipient of the Special Citation of Most Distinguished Service for having attained its 1952 membership prior to November 11, 1952. On March 1, 1950, Post 286 was the recipient of the Certificate of Distinguished Service for having an advance 1950 membership surpassing its previous four-year average by November 30, 1949. On January 20, 1958, Post 285 was the recipient of Certificate of Most Distinguished Service for enrolling a 1958 membership by November 11, 1957 equaling its total 1957 enrollment. The name Robert Bergman Post 283 was selected in honor of Sergeant Robert Bergman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bergman, of rural Mooreton. Bergman gave his life for his country while on duty in Germany February 10, 1945.

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The post then decided to change the name to Bean-Goodwin Post 36. A memorial to these two servicemen is displayed on the south wall of the meeting room of the Post #36 Legion home. One of the first things the post did for the community was to originate the idea of a Christmas tree, with the commander acting as Santa Claus handing out bags of candy and nuts to the children. The Bean-Goodwin Post 36, initially the Howard Bean Post 36, received its national organizational charter on August 25, 1919.

Twenty-nine names appeared on the charter which was issued on September 2, 1919. Ezra William Barrows as born in Chaanarnbie, Minnesota on March 18, 1896. He enlisted in the North Dakota National Guard at Dickinson on July 14, 1917 and called into Federal Service on July 15, 1917. He was buried in France and reinterred at Lake Wilson, Minnesota. There also are several Spanish-American War veterans who were given homestead land as part of their service separation.

Shortly thereafter, Post 255 disbanded and its charter was cancelled on April 30, 1975. The post has always observed Memorial Day with a program and a service at the cemetery and now at the Legion Memorial in the City Park. Flags are placed on all graves of deceased veterans during this special time. The post also observes Veterans Day on November 11 with a speaker and program. The post borrowed money from its members to purchase the A.O.U.W. hall shortly after the end of the war. This hall has been a tremendous asset to the community and has been used for countless events from school basketball to community programs to public dances. Everyone in the northeast corner of North Dakota remembers the Friday night dances. The Olaf Dybdal Post 226 received its national organizational charter on in late January 1923. Shortly thereafter, Post 226 disbanded and its charter was cancelled on May 17, 1928.

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The Auxiliary unit also presented membership awards to Mrs. Harry Bowen, who received a 49-year pin and Mrs. Florence Johnson received a 46-year pin. His body was returned from France and he was buried in the Hope Cemetery with military honors by the post which bears his name. In 1980 the post decided to change the post name to include a name in memory of a World War II man who died while serving his country. Jamestown’s Voyageurs, through the efforts of long-time Correspondant Harold Braniff, present small 3-1/2″x6″ American Flags to first graders in citywide schools each year. They also contribute to their Nurses Training program as well as to the National Carville Star program. Many of The American Legion’s meetings and activities were held in the Community Hall, located above the Orlady Store (now King’s Studio). Post 14 clubrooms were located for many years above Halverson’s Cafe, at corner of 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street. The slate of officers elected were Gray, commander; Arthur L. Knauf, vice-commander; Fred W. Kellogg, adjutant; Frank W. Newberry, finance officer; George F. Blewett, historian; W. In the early years the unit held its meetings in homes or at the old Woodman Hall. In 1952 the unit was able to hold its Auxiliary meetings in the new Legion home, meeting the first Wednesday of every month.

Our Legion post honors deceased comrades at 10 area cemeteries on Memorial Day. Through the years, most of these same members have volunteered their time to fulfill the projects we have undertaken. The success of our American Legion post can be attributed to pride that exists within our membership. It is not uncommon to have blue-capped Legionnaires fall out for Memorial Day or for a military funeral honoring a departed comrade. However, in the summer of 1966, the officers and members of Post 190 voted to dissolve the post because it could not maintain the minimum 15-member requirement. They deeded The American Legion Hall in Raleigh to the Raleigh Gun Club. After several years of dwindling membership, the post decided to move its headquarters from Shields to Selfridge, effective December 30, 1929. A letter to department headquarters dated July 24, 1941, indicates the post was called Ross Chapman Post 190 of Shields and Selfridge.

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Bill Schilling, Bob Smith, Don Donegan and Carl Anderson – all of whom loved to be around young kids started working with the early teenagers in 1964. During the years from 1920 to 1994, Gilbert C. Grafton Post 2 has been deeply involved in most programs of both the National and Department of North Dakota, American Legion. The National Oratorical Contest has been a significant program on the Post 2 North Dakota has had only two contestants place in the national finals since the program began in the late 1930s. A different Legionnaire has served as commander each year of the post’s existence. One Legionnaire has served twice, but not in consecutive years. In March 1951, a new building was dedicated on the corner of 3rd Street and Rosser Avenue. This structure served as the post home and provided the best club facilities in the state for many years. It remained the headquarters for Post #1 for the next 43 years. However, in 1994, it became obvious that it was necessary to downsize the Post I club operations.

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On March 21, 1955, Post 263 was the recipient of the Certificate of Meritorious Service for enrolling a 1955 membership exceeding the Post’s previous all-time high membership. Robert F. Lilley was born at St. John, North Dakota on May 6, 1921. He entered the United States Army on November 21, 2941 at Ft. He was killed in action on December 6, 1942 in the English Channel. The “Jackie Tavis Day,” plus other donations mailed to the Almont Legion adjutant, raised $709 for the Tavis family to help defray medical expenses. There were additional donations of money and equipment, including a hospital bed and table. Altogether, with donations mailed directly to Jackie, the Tavis family received close to $1,200.

The Kermonth Norris Olson Post 298 received its national organizational charter on January 9, 1956. The Cayuga Post 294 received its national organizational charter on June 25, 1953. The Horace Post 293 received its national organizational charter on May 14, 1953. The Beck-Sherven Post 290 received its national organizational charter on January 5, 1953. The Eddie Johnson Post 287 received its national organizational charter on August 10, Installment Loans Halliday North Dakota 1949. The Legion post has observed Memorial Day every year since it was organized, conducting services at the two local cemeteries as well as at other cemeteries. The post has conducted military services for all departed comrades, also furnishing color bearers and guards for many local parades. The Legion’s first home was in the basement of the old community hall. The post purchased its present site from Lester Ward March 18, 1954.

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On April 12, 1967, Post 263 was the recipient of the Annual Americanism Citation for worthwhile and outstanding service to its community during the period specified in the Annual Post Americanism Report. On November 22, 1961, Post 263 was the recipient of the Annual Americanism Citation for worthwhile and outstanding service to its community during the period specified in the Annual Post Americanism Report. On April 14, 1961, Post 263 was the recipient of the Annual Americanism Citation for worthwhile and outstanding service to its community during the past Legion year. Talk of organizing a Legion post in Almont began in November of 1945 as a number of World War II veterans began returning to their home town. Prior to this, several of Almont’s WW I veterans had established membership in the New Salem Legion Post. A meeting was called by Joe Hoovestal on December 7, 1945, to determine if there was enough interest in Almont to begin the process of establishing a Legion post. That night, 17 veterans signed up as members, and so began Almont Legion Post 261.

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  • On February 17, 1976, a Ladies Night was held at St. Henry’s church basement with a banquet served by St. Henry’s Guild.

Fred W. Dietrich was born in Gilman, Illinois on February 4, 1896. He served overseas from May 3, 1918 and died September 29, 1918 of wounds received in Meuse-Argonne. A matter of four years has passed and we have another national conflict, the Korean War; we welcome home the veterans who fought in that one; 106 members on our roster. Word is received of the recovery of the B-24 bomber of Lt. Paul Wittenberger in the Philippine jungles; he and his crew were in the wreckage that was reported lost since 1945. With the war over in Europe, V-J Day arrives; we await new members to the post. The grim realities of the conflicts come to the home front in the form of telegrams to the families of those fighting men over there. The messages arrived weekly about the missing and wounded in action, prisoner of war and the hardest to bear by the family to read and to accept were the killed in action. We are sole sponsors of the community’s 4th of July celebrations; essay contests and play productions were staged down at the Bohemian Hall.

As of February 22, 1927 the Post had not submitted its list of officers. Later that year, the Post’s charter was revoked for non-payment of membership dues. In August 1948, interest surfaced to reorganize the Post; however, it did not materialize. The Timmer Post 76 received its national organizational charter on October 23, 1919. Due to lack of membership and the closing of the local bank, the Post disbanded and its charter was cancelled on June 15, 1925. The color guards of the Legion posts at Tolley, Donnybrook and Kenmare presented the colors. On August 15, 1919, ex-servicemen in Bowman County met in the I.O.O.F. Hall in Bowman to organize an American Legion post. These men felt that history of the war should be preserved and, having found strength for America abroad, it was felt they should band together to keep America strong at home. They named the post after a young Bowman County man who had died in World War I, so it became known as Frank Gordhamer Post 48. A special meeting was held September 20, 1919, to elect a delegate to the State Meeting at Fargo.

James Bryant was elected commander to head the newly reorganized Rice-Deede Post 205 in the community. The Rice-Deede Post 205, initially the Fremont-Rice Post 205, received its national organizational charter on February 19, 1921. The Post reorganized as the Rice-Deede Post 205 and received its second national organizational charter on March 4, 1953. The Eckelson-Sandborn Post 202, initially the George O. Barnick Post 202, received its national organizational charter on January 29, 1921. The Post disbanded and its charter was cancelled on August 27, 1947.